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Commonly Asked Questions


1. How do I find a location for my business?

Contact Glenmark Holding and Mark J. Nesselroad at (304) 599-3369 ext. 114 to discuss what type and size of space you are interested in. A review will be conducted of what properties are currently available or becoming available, as well as what other properties may meet your requirements.

2. What are your general lease terms and conditions?

The normal lease terms can range from five years to ten years. However, depending on specific situations, these terms can be modified to accommodate the tenant’s situation. There is usually one month’s rent required as a security deposit at the beginning of the lease term.

3. Do you work with realtors?

Glenmark works with all real estate agents and representatives of clients. Black Diamond Realty LLC is our preferred commercial real estate brokerage.

4. How do I make an investment in Glenmark projects?

Please contact Glenmark Holding and Nick Colasante at (304) 599-3369 ext.102 and we can discuss what investment options are available and how they fit your situation.

5. Will Glenmark perform interior construction alterations for my space?

For both leased and sold spaces, Glenmark Holding can perform or manage the necessary build out or renovations required.

6. Who handles the telephone, security, and computer lines?

The tenant will contract with the applicable carrier for the requested service; Glenmark will provide the required conduits and coordinate for the carrier’s installation.

7. Who handles getting the necessary permits?

Glenmark or the tenant’s contractor will generally obtain the required building permits needed for work involved. The tenant will be responsible for all permits for the operation of their business.

8. How do I handle the utilities for my space?

Utility costs are the tenant’s responsibility. In most cases, utilities are billed directly to the tenant.

9. How do I make lease payments?

Lease payments are due and payable generally on the first of the month and can be paid by check. The tenant has the option for automatic bank draft if that is desirable.

10. Will you buy property from me?

Due to the nature of our business, Glenmark Holding may be interested. The initial step is an evaluation of your real property for sale. Please contact Glenmark at (304) 599-3369 ext.104.

11. What is the meaning of a Triple Net Charge?

A triple net charge is a rental or lease payment that includes the tenant’s estimated share of real estate taxes, insurance and common area maintenance expense attributed to the tenant’s leased space. There is reconciliation of the actual charges and to the estimated tenant’s share by Glenmark at least annually.

12. What should be done if there is a maintenance issue?

The tenant contacts Glenmark Holding and Garrett Richards at (304) 599-3369 ext. 119 for maintenance items that are the landlord’s responsibility. Our property Maintenance Department is notified and the appropriate personnel or outside contractor is summoned to respond. Non-structural maintenance items within the leased space are generally the tenant’s responsibility. These items are explained in the lease.

13. If more leased space is needed before my lease is up, what are my options?

Please notify Glenmark as soon as this information is available to discuss how your needs have changed. Glenmark will work with the tenant to find a larger space in a Glenmark property and generally negotiate a new lease, without penalty for the early termination of your original lease once the move is agreed upon.

14. Can we make changes to the leased space?

Glenmark Holding understands that business needs constantly change, therefore, Glenmark requests that any contemplated changes or modifications of leased space first be approved in writing prior to any actual changes taking place.


We welcome your questions. Contact Us directly by e-mail or by phone.